Thursday, June 9, 2011

Antlers Abound

 White Tail Buck Deer do not wear their antlers in the winter. I suppose it would be just too cold. The cold would travel down to their skull and they might have a brain freeze. Or maybe not.
Sometime after hunting season and before deep winter, the antlers are shed. They fall off wherever the buck happens to be. Around here the antlers on the ground are called sheds. Some guys ask permission and spend time collecting them, but there are always those that don't get picked up. 
We pick them up whenever we find them. These two are in a basket on the Concord Air Till Drill. The good news is that they are not in the tire of the drill or tractor. 
Someone found one last weekend in the tire of their pickup. He had to buy a new tire. 
We stash sheds wherever it is convenient. They are kind of cool. I have been told they can be cut into buttons, but then again, you'd really have to need a button to go to all the work of cutting an antler, then drilling a couple of holes in it before sewing it onto your garment.  
Last year I did a post on antlers which was the Farmer Fred Award Winner for April. Click Here to find Antlers and Decorating The years count up, but some things remain the same:
 Antlers and tires are an expensive combination for farmers.


  1. Sent this post to my husband- right up his alley!


  2. Yup. They are everywhere around here. I have been thinking about ideas for projects. Hubby makes knife handles out of them, but, you know, that's a lot of knives. Maybe a gigantic chandelier?!