Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alfalfa Growing Strong on Canola Ground

 Last Season we planted alfalfa in a canola field.
And the canola grew up above the alfalfa where it blossomed and ripened.
There are three posts that followed this crop through the season. 
Click on the title of the post to visit.
Alfalfa in the Canola published June 18, 2010
Alfalfa Takeover published August 31, 2010
Alfalfa Ready to Rest published November 2, 2010
A check on the field showed that the alfalfa has indeed taken over after its winter's rest. 
 There are a few sticks from the canola standing,
They must have done a good job of holding the snow which kept the alfalfa roots warm enough to survive our severe winter.
You had to know they were there and look for them to notice the canola stalks that remain. 
Some areas in GriggsDakota had frost on the alfalfa in May.
This field seems unaffected. 
The alfalfa is lush and green under mackerel sky in GriggsDakota.

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