Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AdFarm Soybean Field Planted

The Ag Analyst was yelling "Boot OFF!" It was her way of telling Robbie that she would be ready to go in a flash, but she had to put her boot back on. Her brother's old boots are big enough to slide on and off easily, fascinating the analyst. 
The Farm Inspector had important advice and questions for Robbie as he prepared to seed the soybeans on the AdFarm North Dakota Farm. 
The familiar ground is finally dry enough to plant. 
With modern farming methods, we are able to seed into this corn stubble from last season. The field has been worked with the Salford to aerate the soil and find the wet spots. We like our planter to keep planting and not spend time stuck in the mud.
Click Here to revisit the corn grown on this field last year.
Robbie is using our Case IH 8930 to pull the planter.
The soybeans are Pioneer 90Y42. The seed is RoundUp Ready. We would have liked to get these planted before June 1, but are within the guidelines. 
Taken from our favorite lone tree, you can see the low branches have been damaged by the starving deer during our cold snowy Winter. It has given way to Spring hesitantly and Summer is just around the corner.
The hydraulic markers on the planter keep the rows even. One is rolling down the ridge created on the last pass, and one is up waiting for the next pass. Straight and Even, Even and Straight.
The good news for AdFarm shareholders is that the soybean crop is planted, although there are about ten acres that we were unable to seed. There will be many fields in our area that do not get planted this season. There is good moisture which gives reason for optimism
We are happy to have Robbie back working full time again. His cheerful enthusiasm makes all of us feel a bit more like whistling while we work. I doubt there is a man anywhere that can seed beans any better than our smiling young farmer.
After a few days of seasonal temperatures the weather is again forecast to cool off to the 50's Fahrenheit for highs with rain and night time lows down to 40. As the ground turns green we hope to string a few warm days together to get this crop growing. 

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  1. This post makes my heart hurt. Farmhand Kirsti is homesick! Can't wait to come home for the Barbecue weekend!