Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stopping to Fill the Concord with Fertilizer

 Everything that we use on the farm arrives by truck. Supplies arrive in pickup trucks, farm trucks, and semis. Farmer Fred has gone to the elevator and picked up a farm truck load of fertilizer. 
He checks the tank on the back of the Concord and readies it for a fill. Behind the tire on the left side of the photo above you can see that the auger has been set into place.
 He backs the truck up to the extended auger.
 He backs in so that the end gate of the truck will neatly drop the fertilizer into the hopper at the bottom of the auger.
 Jake checks his tank and decides that he will be next in line for a fill.
As Jake tips his cap to the lady with a camera, I would like you to notice the hopper and auger, still folded on the Concord. 
After a quick consult with Farmer Fred in the cab of the truck, 
 Jake climbs up on the platform to watch the tank fill. Notice that Farmer Fred is adjusting the flow of the end gate so that the auger will receive the amount of fertilizer it can handle.
As the tank fills, the flexible hose at the top of the auger must be manipulated to keep it from plugging up. This will ensure that the corners of the tank fill evenly. We don't want to stop and fill anymore than necessary, so it is important to fill the tank completely. 
 The days have been pleasant and dry this week, but the weather forecast says that will end soon. Rain is expected. We are working long and hard to get as much done as possible.
If you live in a rural area, or have a reason to drive down a country road, please be cautious. We're working to plant our crop. Our machines are big, slow, and on the roads in GriggsDakota.

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