Monday, May 9, 2011

Removing a submerged electrical transformer in Greater Dakota

Howdy, it's Power On Kirsti, coming to you from Greater Dakota.

Have you ever noticed the big green electrical boxes that sit in farmyards, on the edges of fields, or in pastures? Those boxes, called pad-mounted transformers, are part of the underground power lines that brings electricity to the homes and businesses that dot the prairie landscape. The  spring flooding we've seen in GriggsDakota and across Greater Dakota has caused area transformers to become submerged in icy water. 

While a transformer is water tight and therefore fine to be left alone if submerged, the transformer is an environmental hazard if it tips in the water. It has to be immediately removed by the linemen.

A good linemen routinely checks the electrical infrastructure he's responsible for, much like a farmer checks his fields. Follow this link. I'll take you to a blog post I wrote , you'll see why it's important that a lineman knows what's happening on his electrical lines. And there's a slideshow giving details about the process of removing a transformer from it's watery surroundings.

Check the blog post out here!

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