Monday, May 2, 2011

Recycled for Parts and Scrap Iron

The season has changed to Spring, according to the robins bob, bob, bobbing along with their song in GriggsDakota. The reality is not as clear as the robin's song.
As the years pass we find equipment changes and we have things in the yard that are no longer useful.
Like combine headers from days gone by.
This equipment has parts that can be salvaged and pieces that can be sold as scrap iron.
It was nostalgic to pull out this old relic. It was the first piece of farm equipment that Farmer Fred owned. A long ago birthday gift from the farmer's daughter.
Each piece, in turn, will be loaded onto our trailer and hauled to the salvage yard where it will be sold.
Sunset for the old and useless in GriggsDakota as the sun rises on another farming season and new uses for the old headers somewhere else in the world.
The lake has opened up and we are optimistic that field work will commence in about 10 days.
The wind, which was forming white caps on our tiny body of water, seemed to be nearly too much for the mallard pair to swim against. I hope it blows heat in to stay for the season.
But alas, the wind has turned cold, Spring is still tenuous with Winter lurking nearby.


  1. This is our 4th wet spring in a row. Hope it is not a new normal. We were going to start planting today but got another rain last night and cloudy now. The weather really puts things on hold.

  2. gosh I just really love your guys sky photos...must be great to look up and see the sun shining through those clouds any time you want!

    red sunseared steel of
    a friendly old combine head--
    the star shines on all!