Monday, May 16, 2011

Out in the Field

Blogspot was not working on Friday, so I am behind on my field work update.
It was cold and cloudy all week, but the rain, except for a few drips, had missed us. 
By mid week, it appeared we could find ground on which to work.
The evening made me think the clouds were breaking up. 
It wasn't quite the red sky I was hoping for, but it seemed to hold promise. 
 We were delighted. 
Under the clouds, field work commenced. There is not more beautiful shade than the black of our fields in the Spring. 
We were still hoping for the weather to improve, but the smell of the earth brought true Spring.
As we used our Concord Drill to deep band fertilizer on the corn ground, the clouds lingered into the next day. 
We have changed our planting order. After we get the ground fertilized, the rocks picked, and the seed bed smoothed out with the Phillips harrow, we will start planting corn.  We would normally begin by planting barley. This Spring has caused us to rethink our plan.
Before we can start planting corn, we need a little warmth, preferably with sunshine. Farmer Fred, and everyone else is still wearing their winter clothes. There is a cold Northeast wind whipping around.
We finished the week with more precipitation and we were lucky. 
We are near freezing, it could have fallen as snow.
But the week ahead is full of promise. The forecast says warmer and sunshine. 
I'll keep you posted if blogger allows.
We are still optimistic about the possibilities ahead.

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