Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Land is Back, but Wet

First, let it be known that the grass is turning green in GriggsDakota.
There is rejoicing and we decided to check out what we believe to be our driest ground.
Farmer Fred would walk out into the field.
He would dig through the crust and find mud.
We found snow in the gullies.
There is water in the gravel pit.
We heard coyotes howling and yipping as this deer raced across the ridge.
There is water on this sandy ground where we seeded last year.
It is too wet to work in the fields.
And too wet to get to some fields.
We decided to enjoy the sky which was being decorated by a pilot.
And painted by the hand of God, it seemed.
I wish this pilot had time to write a message to those who were watching in GriggsDakota.
But without words, we got the message. The land is back, but we must wait a while longer to plant it.

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  1. We are drying out nicely after a very wet spring. But the ground is still too cold to plant, hubby says. It keeps freezing most nights. Hoping for spring, yet...