Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is the Corn Up? May is Over.

It's easy to feel "on the fence" about this GriggsDakota Spring. On one hand, our Winter Wheat is growing and we have planted corn and barley. Prices are good and we have been generally optimistic about the growing season. On the other hand, tomorrow is June and we have only had eight days of planting weather, plus our daily high temperatures are ten degrees Fahrenheit below average.
 The girls noticed us on the fence and wanted to know if the corn had popped out of the ground. 
Memorial Day is the traditional day for having the corn up and growing.
And here it is. 
But will it be knee high by the Fourth of July?
There's a lot of summer between now and then. Grow, baby, grow.


  1. Good luck for a bountiful corn crop!!! Love the cow photos also.

  2. I use the phrase "knee high by the 4th of July" all the time. My husband reminds me that it is an outdated saying, but with the wet spring we have had I can see it making a come back. Great pics!!!

  3. Actually, Ott, "Knee High by the Fourth of July." is still applicable here in the northern climates. The key this year is to have it up by Memorial Day.
    -Griggsdakota Farmhand