Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

If you remember today's essay, it means two things:
You have a good memory and You have known me for a long time.
I submitted this to our local newspaper many years ago when they asked subscribers to reminisce about Mother's Day. My friend, Ava, carefully trimmed the clipping, matted it, and wrapped it in shrink wrap. I came across it while digging in a bookcase. I hope you enjoy it.
Mother's Day evokes many happy memories for me. My earliest recollection of Mother's Day was when I was four or five years old and decided to make Mama breakfast in bed.
I sneaked downstairs very early in the morning, climbed up and got a bowl down from the cupboard. The breakfast cereal was kept on a high shelf. No hope of reaching that, but I was in luck. Daddy had gone to the store on Saturday night and brought home Rice Krispies. The groceries were still in a box on the table. Perfect.
I filled the bowl, spilling some on the table and just a few on the floor. I then checked the refrigerator for milk. In those days, we milked cows and kept our milk in a large container. I couldn't get it out of the fridge, but water seemed a reasonable substitute. I climbed up onto the counter by the sink, turned on the faucet and still can remember Rice Krispies flying out of the bowl in all directions as the force of the water hit them.
After I got the water turned off, I was so excited to get that bowl to Mama, still in bed. It had to soon, I knew, because my little brothers would be waking up, and she would get up to make breakfast for us. I hurried up the stairs with my special treat, woke my mama and gave her my Mother's Day surprise. She smiled. As I recall, she looked really happy, thanked me and ate every bite.
That's Mama---love in action. My gift, disgusting as it must have been, was accepted and treasured. It was the best I had to offer, and my wise mother knew it.
Breakfast in bed became a family tradition on Mother's Day. My skills improved, and I served many delicious meals on fancy trays. 
Still if she were to pick a favorite, I know which one she'd choose.
Happy Mother's Day

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