Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Farmer Fred Visits Pete's Salvage

 Last week we finished the clean up project in GriggsDakota. 

We hauled our final load of combine headers to Pete's Salvage Yard.
You saw the headers as they were leaving GriggsDakota. Click Here to revisit that post. Above they are arriving at the salvage yard.
Let me introduce you to Pete. He owns the salvage yard.
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I like to think this former dairy farm has turned milk into lemonade. It's a sweet deal for everyone. And Pete handles much more than tractors.
Farmer Fred called Pete to be sure that the value of the headers would at least pay the cost of hauling them to the yard. While most of us see junk, a practiced eye sees belts, reusable parts, and scrap pieces. Metal prices have been increasing dramatically, so it is financially worth cutting up and recycling metal scrap.
On You Tube there is an informative video that you can click to learn more about 
Pete's Tractor Salvage. To me, it is fun to watch, but a bit overdramatic. These old machines will not sink slowly into the prairie, as the video dramatically states. This is a recycling process. Also, an airplane out here does not indicate that the pilot is rich, just from a distant place. The North American Great Plains are open and vast. Air travel can be a practical choice. Airplanes are often owned by a group or business. I see this as common, the foreign news reporter does not. 
So if one man's junk is another man's treasure, there appears to be enough to satisfy all men, whatever their mode of transportation.
Customer parking? Not today.
Not recently or any time soon.

But they do have plenty of room for customer parking in other areas.

Because Pete has plenty of room.
The dairy barns provide storage and an indoor work area. Remember, this is North Dakota. Working with metal is a hot proposition in Summer and a cold business most of the rest of the year.
But Pete's business seems to have a bit of fun involved, as well.
Farmer Fred received payment and began his drive back to GriggsDakota, trailer empty.

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