Friday, May 20, 2011

Earth and Sky in GriggsDakota

Welcome back to earth and sky.
We waited though long months of ice and sky.
And today we have  
 and greenery.
Brand new 
Slow to emerge in our cool Spring 
Or bold through the cold Winter, 
Our trees are thawing out 
and coming back to life. 
We spent the week in sunshine. 
Now the clouds are rolling in 
 And our fantastic progress in the field  is forecast to come to a screeching halt when the clouds bring rain.
This week we planted the corn fields.
 It was our first opportunity to plant this year. The dates are late.
 Our Winter wheat is green and growing and Farmer Fred and Jake just started planting barley.
We do not want to put away our seed and machines to wait, again. 
But we will wait to plant our crops, if the rains come.
The days were beautiful this week, but the nights were extraordinary as the full moon shined down on us.
Then gently set on the western horizon.
 Rain or shine, night or day, with faith and fortitude, we accept the earth and sky in GriggsDakota, but we would prefer that the rain stay away today.

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