Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Case IH MX285 Tractor visits GriggsDakota

The good news is that we are planting corn.
For the last couple of days, the planter has kept going back and forth.
Farmer Fred's tractor broke down.
We are lucky that our local Case IH Dealer was able to allow us to rent a replacement and take our  Case IH 8950 into their shop.
 Before he loaded up our ailing machine, the driver offered to give Farmer Fred some pointers on the Case IH MX285 tractor. 
It is an MFD tractor. That is short for Mechanical Front wheel Drive. It means that the front wheels assist the rear wheels when needed. The duals on the front, though somewhat unusual, add to the traction of this CaseIH tractor.
We were able to wire the controls for the Concord Air Till Drill that Farmer Fred has been using to deep band fertilizer.
Inside the tractor cab Farmer Fred sits behind the wheel and keeps watch as he applies fertilizer. 
The cab has glass and mirrors to give the operator the best possible view in all directions.
Farmer Fred keeps an eye on the monitor which tells him what is happening with the Concord Drill.
And reaches with his right hand to grab the controls.
Behind him, through the window or with mirrors, he can see the machine he is pulling.
After the fertilizer is applied, Grandpa Sonny is pulling the Phillips Harrow to smooth out the seed bed. And we hope that the planter keeps rolling in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Very jealous of Dad in this post.