Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to Field Work

 Work has resumed after our weekend rain.
 It was not as much as had been forecast, but enough to stop progress for three days. Although the sun is shining, it is cold, with today's high in the low 50's.
We have changed our planting order and our corn is in the ground. It may prove lucky that things are running late as frost is a possibility in the next couple of days. 
We could not return to finish the field that we had started when the rain came last Friday afternoon because it was too wet. 
 Farmer Fred scouted out this light soil to get started on. We had planned to plant canola here, but plans keep changing as we plant what is accessible. From here he can move on or back to finish what was started on Friday, depending on how wet things are.
 There seems to be a bit of dust being raised as the machines travel on the field, but it is not from the soil. The surface trash is dry and powdery, which is all good as we push forward.
We work around the low spots, most filled with water and plant all we can cover as the sun shines once again in GriggsDakota.


  1. Hi! Lana from Indiana here. I'm curious about what the tractor is doing in the picture. We plant corn and soybeans, but I am not sure how these two pieces of equipment are working together!

  2. Lana,
    Thanks for following. The seeding implement you're looking at are our two Concord air till drills. We had a post on June 2, 2009 that explains how these machines work. Here's the link:
    Hope this helps.