Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seed Soybeans' Spring Journey

The weather was once again, unpredictable in GriggsDakota.
Instead of a foot of snow, we got a little drizzle and a dusting.
Notice the ice on the edge of the deer tracks.
It is cold and there is still heavy frost in the ground which is just what we need to haul some soybeans.
Even this job is a sign of Spring, because these are seed soybeans that were raised on contract in GriggsDakota.
When it comes to hauling them out, Monsanto sends us a professional.
Who brings a grain vac that will not damage the soybean seeds. He takes charge of the operation, but we provide the tractors.
Jake drives our grain cart in to load them up. This takes skill and experience as there are mere inches of clearance between machines and bins.
He will carefully transfer the soybeans into waiting trucks for their Spring journey back into the fertile ground on another Midwest US farm. The urgent process of raising food for the hungry world begins again.

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