Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lessons Learned While Wearing a Tie

In GriggsDakota there is a boy who has many lessons to learn.
 Sometimes the boy learns lessons while wearing a uniform.
And sometimes with practice. 
Or by listening and observing. 
He has learned some lessons the hard way. 
Lessons were learned by this boy while wearing blaze orange and following instructions exactly.
But there are not very many lessons that are learned while wearing a tie. However, at the State Science Fair, a tie is required. The participants are all winners in their Regional Science and Engineering Fairs. This is The State Tournament of Science and Engineering in North Dakota.  Our boy took second overall in the Junior High Division. He learned many lessons during this day.
Most surprising to the boy, he learned these lessons while wearing a tie. 
He learned knowledge can lead to success. 
He learned that scientists and engineers might be men or women.  
He learned to answer questions concisely.  
He learned that there is science to successfully raising crops 
and livestock on the farm.  
He learned to stay focused on his topic all afternoon. 
He learned it is nice to have a cool guy in a tie nearby.
He learned that his mother was right all along.
 Wearing a tie all day long really won't kill you.

Congratulations Hunter! 
We hope you qualify for this State Tournament every year.
We are very proud of you in GriggsDakota.


  1. Very nice post!


  2. Ah this mom is crying. First, this is really really special and I am going to print it off for Hunter's bedroom wall to remember. And I also love that I look little next to my big boy son!
    Thanks for posting Mom.