Friday, April 15, 2011

The Interlude of Spinter

Last April we had Spring. The photo above was taken one year ago today.
This April we have Spinter. That is, Spring is appearing, but Winter is not giving up. Spinter. It is not a season. It takes no responsibility for change.  It is instead an interlude while we wait for the Spring season to fully take over.
Last year the snow was gone and the water had receded. Spring!
We had time for Spring Cleaning as the ground was dry enough to haul and spread manure.
The Spring roads were dry and passable. 
The lake was fully in its liquid form. It was a lovely Spring.
 In this season of Spinter we have have water in all forms: liquid from snowmelt, plus solid ice and snow, and vapor clouds or fog.
 Interesting from any direction.
The paved county road is acting as a dam here. 
The culverts are inadequate to move the water through to the channel under the road.
 The road itself has held the water back
  far and wide,
 but now the water is going over the paved surface of the road.
Creating a waterfall on the other side which sounds like a babbling mountain stream.
The water continues flowing over whatever is in its path as it seeks the lowest point. 
 The runoff, on its way to the Sheyenne River,
which is flooding, of course.
We are ready for winter to give way to Spring, but our daytime highs have fallen back from the high forties and low fifties to the thirties with freezing temperatures at night. Spinter holds on. 
The musical sound of the falling water as it flows over the road and down the ditch on the other side draws this critter to the edge. I assumed this was a muskrat, but I wondered if it was a beaver. There are many of both around. They seem to love Spinter. Notice the snow in the foreground. It goes well with his fur coat.
There are large culverts under the roadways that are sucking water through as fast as it can go. The movement creates visible whirlpools on the surface. The water from snowmelt is too cold to melt the ice that lingers in the channel. We are putting up with Spinter as we wait for Spring in GriggsDakota.

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