Thursday, April 14, 2011

Improving Equipment with Salford RTS

 The sun was low in the west and no doubt in the truck driver's eyes when he pulled down the road to GriggsDakota.
He was in the right spot, because there was someone taking pictures. 
Farmer Fred was waiting in the yard with Butler as the driver pulled in. 
Our well used Salford RTS (Residue Tillage Specialist) was ready to head down the road. 
We have used our Salford RTS in former Springs to chop residue left from the previous season before planting a new crop. On this photo Robbie was greasing and preparing the machine in April of 2010.
And Jake used it last Fall to help dry things out before planting winter wheat. Visit
to learn more about their RTS equipment.
We are lucky that our Case IH dealer found a bigger, but used Salford RTS, so we could trade up. Covering more ground in less time is more important with every passing day. Our Spring will be late and we will have to push to plant our crops in a timely manner.
Farmer Fred and the truck driver talked things over.
 Then they looked things over.
Used equipment is not in perfect condition, but the cost savings are important to our equipment budget. 
 This Salford RTS is 41 feet wide and our old one is 30 feet wide. Farmer Fred finds the newer one to be in very good condition. This machine will definitely help us stay ahead of the drills.
So they hook the truck to our waiting machine. 
And take it back to the dealership. It will be reconditioned and resold to someone who needs it. 
An improvement has arrived in GriggsDakota.

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