Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Farm Inspector on Spring Start

The Farm Inspector gave a farm tour to her best farm friend (BFF). BFF also has roots in GriggsDakota, so was excited to take a look.
The Ag Analyst joined them as they gave their approval to our improved Salford.
As she demonstrated tractor driving, we asked the Farm Inspector when she thought we would be able to get out into the fields.
There is a long standing formula that holds the answer to that question.
For better or worse, the GriggsDakota farmsteads are near a lake.
Long before there were farms, this gravel bottomed finger lake carried water to the Sheyenne River.
Earlier this Spring, it spilled out over the road.
Now, the road has been repaired and the water flows under the road.
And out the other end of the culvert.
Despite the fact that it has been flowing for weeks, there is still ice on the lake.
The water is just too cold.
According to Grandpa Sonny's dad, we will be in the field two weeks after the ice is gone from the lake.
So get the equipment ready to go, I think we'll be in the field two weeks from tomorrow.
Take that to the bank.
It works in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Your farm inspector and ag analyst are just adorable! I hope your right about getting in the field - this spring has just been too cold and wet!