Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Building a Grain Bin

Most often, when you think of grain farming in GriggsDakota, you think of the land.
But along with the farmland,
We use the grain farming process.
The season in GriggsDakota is short. 
Much of the process of farming is about time management.
On farm grain storage has proven to be a cost effective time management tool. 
Elevators fill up.
Time is of the essence.
Especially during harvest.
Ah yes, time, the friend and the foe of farm and farmer.
Grain storage on the farm starts with a dream, then a plan. 
The proper location is considered carefully. We want it to be convenient to fields and facilities.
A site that is suitable must be relatively level, and accessible from the road during the winter.
We also must comply with building codes and have access to electricity.
It takes a professional crew of builders who cooperate with electricians and the power company to get started.
The round cement base is poured first and left to cure for a couple of weeks.
The curved corrugated steel that will be the bin walls is visible on the cement as construction is about to begin.
The bin seems to pop up quickly and change the landscape.
Finishing details include fans that will allow grain to be dried in the bins.
The life expectancy of a steel bin is over fifty years and with good care, even longer.
That is important to a family farm that works hard to continue our tradition on the land.
As time marches on.

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  1. Love the pictures! We are putting up another grain bin this year - love to watch them go up!