Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful In Season

Last Winter it was easy to marvel at the beauty of the snow. 
But now that we are well into Spring, it can go away. 
And it is going away. 
But a little too slowly. 
In GriggsDakota there are  four distinct seasons, but we never know when one will start or stop. They do not abide by the calendar. And some years, one season tends to dominate the calendar.
 We haven't had fresh snow for a week and we hope we are done with it. 
 The deer are enjoying the camouflage of faded landscape with no snow.
The roads are damaged, but most are open or nearly ready for repairs. 
The wait for Spring has been long this year.  
But as Grandpa Sonny tells us:  In a late Spring at least you know you'll have moisture. An early Spring is often dry.
As Spring melts away and we are anxious to get into the field. 
We're watching the sky and waiting. Spring is late.

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