Friday, April 8, 2011

AdFarm Plans 2011

This week Spring could be felt in GriggsDakota.
 We remembered that while geese return to the snow
and are at home on the frozen lake, 
They actually prefer open water 
And there was water for the geese on the edge of some fields.
We can once again see the snow fence.
The sun is stronger and brings warmth. 
It turned the sky pink as we checked the snow cover, still impressive, on the AdFarm field. 
 The deer were lingering nearby and are generally weak from the long winter.
They were startled a little by my presence which is a good sign. They have the energy to flee. 
The corn stubble is ragged and worn under the evening sky. 
Last May the corn popped up on the AdFarm field.
By July it was waist high.
The field yielded a fine crop.
The stubble was left through the Winter to hold the snow and it did its job well. 
Soybeans will be planted on the AdFarm field when the conditions allow.
 Through the season we will keep you posted.
During the white winter, the evergreen trees have been a reminder that the warm seasons will return. This one seems to want to wrap itself around the sun and hold it up just a little longer in GriggsDakota.

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