Monday, March 28, 2011

We Could Use Good News

Here is the Bank of the West, at least that is what the sign says. 
 Winter has built banks of snow for us
Everywhere we look 
Our overnight temperatures have been diving below zero Fahrenheit.  
We can live with it or "Head on over to the Oasis, where the whiskey runs and the beer chases my blues away, I'll be okay." like Garth Brooks did with his friends in low places.
We will be okay. There is a little good news:
 The snow fence still feels useful,
 The roads haven't thawed.
So now that we have dug out
We can haul grain or move equipment. 
The Winter Wheat is well covered. 
 The day time temperatures are warmed by the sunshine.
This would be beautiful weather in January. Most of the area banks made of snow will melt away soon, leaving enough water running to chase our blues and everything else into Spring. 
The turkeys are no longer the only birds around. I have seen Canada Geese and a robin. I heard a meadowlark and there are new birds arriving at the feeder every day. 
We are one day closer to Summertime.

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there... Almost spring....

    Here in Indiana snow is gone but it is still very cold!