Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Open House at the Dealership

When you see a gathering of pickup trucks outside of a machinery dealership on a March morning near GriggsDakota, there is a good chance that there is an open house.
Uglem-Ness is the Case IH Dealership that we depend on during our season of farming, so Farmer Fred was pleased to be able to attend their annual event.
Case IH provided speakers who presented the story of the new Tier 4 engines in Magnum and Steiger tractors. This government mandated emissions technology is new and farmers need to understand it. 
Tier 4 Technology  is being implemented in new tractors. Click on the link for more information.
There was a new CaseIH Tier 4 Magnum 260 tractor on display. Knowing what is new and even what will be coming next is what keeps farmers on the cutting edge. 
We return once again to the question:  Is agriculture an art or a science? 
The answer continues to be:  "It must be both or it will be neither." 
Historically farming has been treated as an art with most emphasis placed on effort. What separated good farmers from poor farmers was thought to be more related to passion and motivation than soil content and variety selection. In modern agriculture there is still a need for art. But we rely heavily on science and must deal with government regulation. 
So, "The effort of our art is always complemented by further knowledge of our science."
 We call that the "Theory of GriggsDakota." 
The information presented is essential knowledge for farm planning.
Uglem-Ness sets special prices on parts. That keeps their staff busy. For many farm kids, the toys available on the upper shelves at machinery dealerships are dream worthy.
 It is that way in Griggs Dakota.
And eventually the dream
turns into reality.
Back to the Open House. Notice there were a few people carrying purses in the crowd.
  Everyone who attended was invited out to the shop for a free noon meal. Farmers need to get together and talk things over. The weather, the outlook for Spring, and other topics brought both serious expressions and outbursts of laughter to the room.
When Spring arrives both dealership and farmers plan to be ready to go. 

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