Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Progress toward Spring 2011

 The snow is melting in GriggsDakota.
 Progress is slow and steady, which is just what we need this year.
 There are turkeys that have survived the winter and are enjoying bare spots in field where they can again glean seeds.
 Then they quickly head back to the shelter of the trees. When frightened turkeys can fly nearly straight up to the tree tops. Very useful during this season of hungry coyotes.
 The daytime temperatures have been in the forties Fahrenheit with the nightly lows ranging from the mid twenties to low thirties. 
 Our gravel roads are still frozen, but will soften soon.
Especially where there has been lots of snow drifting in over the winter.
So we are finishing the grain hauling before the load limits are put in place to protect the roads. 
Heavy hauling will destroy these roads as the frost leaves the ground and no one can afford for that to happen. 
It's already too soft in the bin site to drive the trucks in to load. 
So the grain cart is filled and the corn is transferred to the truck. 
As we complete our long winter of grain hauling in GriggsDakota.

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