Monday, March 21, 2011

How To: Use a Grill Pan

The Winter has lingered and we find ourselves longing for a taste of Spring. Since the temperatures are a bit milder, we think of grilling.
But we aren't ready to dig it out yet.
So the next best thing is a cast iron grill pan. I bought this one years ago in the camping section of a farm store, but they are available many places. The lines are raised so the meat is cooked off the hot bottom surface of the pan. I put it on my big front burner, heat it up,
And load it with beef steak. The juices and fat drip into the pan to create smoke and flavor the meat similarly to a grill. 
Be sure your fan is working well and set it on high before you start or the smoke detectors will be a distraction.
Field Hand Joe enjoyed a Spring Break meal of beef, but you can cook anything that you cook on a grill in this pan. I recommend standing by while cooking to monitor the smoke and doneness, just as you do when grilling outdoors.
The meat gets the authentic look of the grill in the comfort and warmth of our GriggsDakota kitchen.
As we wait for the day we can grill outdoors in the warmth of Spring.


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