Thursday, March 31, 2011

Farm Dogs

 For many reasons, farms need dogs.
Sometimes Butler seems to express my feelings better than I can.
 When faced with the choice of whether to laugh or cry, he makes it easier to laugh.
 Dogs don't always understand the game.
In GriggsDakota, through the years they have been on guard for us. 
And been our pets. 
We dressed them fashionably before it was fashionable. 
 They repaid us with unconditional love.
From the very first Pokey, then through a couple more Pokeys, 
 On to Sandy, Kandee, Beau, a couple of Bucks, plus the cattle dogs which is another story for another day, and more, our dogs have been our faithful companions, retrievers, game players, and unfailing friends. A farm is a place where a dog can be a dog. He doesn't need to learn very many manners to be a valuable asset.
Our dogs haven't always come when we called, 
But are here when we need them in GriggsDakota.


  1. From Candy, Sandy, Sadie, both Bucks, Snirt, Molly, Butler and more...I have loved them all. Farm dogs are different than our indoor dog child Charlie but what fabulous lives they have! Great photos and story Mom.

  2. Excellent! Our 1 yr old, Trigger, (small-sized Black Lab Female) likes to crawl under the covers, after we are asleep, and sleep between us when it's really cold. Bo, our male Chocolate Lab, is a bruiser and probably the best retreiver I've seen, although he's extremely mellow around the house. We call them our kids, truley the heart of our family still living at home. :)

  3. Jane, I love this blog, as I am a dog-lover at heart. Smoke, Goon (my brother named that one), Tuffy, Snuff, Lance, Ted, Mutley, Abbey, Biscuit, Daisy, and now Sophie all live on in my heart; all farm dogs w/ their own personalities. Years ago, when my son listed our dog as one of his best friends on a school questionnare, it hit me how valuable these creatures are to us; unfailing friends, as you so wisely stated. Thanks for sharing!
    Anna S.