Friday, March 4, 2011

Eagles Fly in GriggsDakota

The deer are hungry and the snow is deep, they are often near the highway gleaning spilled grain. There are more than a few deer carcasses beside the roads in GriggsDakota.
Some are happy to find these meaty messes. Can you spot the eagle in the lower left of this photo? 
The eagle took off quickly as I approached, interrupting her venison feast. See her flying on the middle left of this photo.
 The eagle was magnificent as she soared up and crossed the road in front of me.
She headed for the tree with the nest on the left, but my camera didn't catch her there. The nest looks empty, but there may be an eagle in it. To read more about Bald Eagles in North Dakota click on the link to read what North Dakota Outdoors magazine has to say.


  1. Yeah i find it always terrible when i see those. But i have to say in Michigan you always see more dead animals then here in Indiana... i don't know why, but i think because there is maybe more wildlife?


  2. Love the wintery photos. Love seeing the eagle nest.