Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dreaming of Trees, Again

It seems we're always dreaming about more trees in GriggsDakota.
Trees did not grow naturally here, but were planted early
And have been planted often ever since.
Trees suffer in the elements here as was discussed in the post Trees in Straight Lines.
Many trees die young.
But we never give up.
My grandfather planted this tree from a seed.
So we couldn't resist trying to continue the tradition.
And they got off to a good start last summer.
They've spent the Winter out in the cold, protected by wire cages. We'll let you know if they make it.
We're studying lists provided by the Soil Conservation District.
I print the best research that I find online, then consult with Grandpa Sonny who is also studying catalogs.
The Farm Inspector isn't planning a forest.
Just a few trees to decorate the landscape
And our dreams in March.


  1. You sound like me and my gardening...I never give up and try again every year. Your trees look beautiful. And I like your new header!

  2. Hi Jane
    Is that Ada with the long gun?