Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Complete On Farm Service

It is no surprise to learn
That it takes lots of people to run a farm including a dedicated family,
Friends, neighbors, and experts in particular areas of farming.
There are some things that Farmer Fred can handle on his own.
However, he is quick to acknowledge those who work by his side,
the area elevators
The trains,
The voice of experience
The history we have with the land
And independent businesses that provide necessary services.
All of these contribute greatly to success in GriggsDakota.
Oh yes, and trucks. I've acknowledged our Friends with Trucks that help us during harvest in GriggsDakota.
 There are also businesses with trucks that provide service to our remote locations. Above we are getting complete farm service from the tire truck which is fixing a flat tire on our combine. It is a big job which Farmer Fred appreciates very much.
Equipment tires take a beating. Notice the antler in our tractor tire. We do our best to be proactive, and some tires we can service ourselves. Occasionally, it takes a service call from the tire truck.
When it's time for a new set of tractor tires, we are glad to have someone to call.
Located in a nearby town, these fellows are happy to be of service.
 Their knowledge and experience allows them to tackle this job with confidence that a farmer could never accumulate.
 It takes strength, but also expensive equipment, including, well, a tire truck. 
The tires are purchased and delivered to the farm then a service call is scheduled to change out the tires. 
It is a long hard day of work, but necessary.
Because moments like this are more difficult for everyone involved. This is just one example of  "Complete Farm Service" that keeps things going in GriggsDakota.

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