Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Calves - Twins!

A sign of Spring in GriggDakota.
The calves have started coming.
A cow never wonders what to do. By definition she is an adult who has had a calf.
Their primary role is motherhood. Look closely
This Momma has twins. Twins in cattle are fraternal about 90% of the time and the fraternal female twin is usually unable to reproduce as an adult. This leaves a question as to whether twins are to be sought or avoided in cattle herds. We believe the extra calf to be a bonus.
Often there will be a cow in the herd whose calf dies. Cattleman Jim would then take one of the twins and convince the grieving mother to accept the calf as her own. The extra pounds of live calf at the end of the pasture season will add dollars to the herd's bottom line.
For now they give us encouragement.
And hope of Spring.
Thanks to Cattleman Jim for taking these photos.


  1. Awesome photos - I never get tired of pictures of cattle esp. calves!


  2. I featured your post on my blog today. You'll have to stop by for a Latte' and check it out! Thanks for the adorable photos and information on how ranchers take care of their herd.