Thursday, March 17, 2011

Agriculture's Revival Preachers or Rock Stars? The Hefty Brothers!

Are these fellows attending a Revival Meeting or have they discovered the beat of agriculture's
 newest Rock Stars?

Brian Hefty
and brother Darren Hefty are the television stars of the show AgPhd. Click on the link to visit their website.  
They are regarded as experts in agriculture. Their research is cutting edge and their presentation easy to follow. They pack in thousands of fans at national agricultural shows.  Like a Revival Meeting of Agriculture.
In GreaterDakota they put on seminars for farmers.
They distribute a book of valuable information to all who attend. 

I noticed there were ponytails in the audience and the AgPhd seminar attracts a noticeably younger audience than I've seen at most farm meetings. 
There was lipstick on a few of the coffee cups and water glasses. 
Farmer Fred believes the Hefty brothers are Agriculture's Rock Stars
because the seminar and noon meal are free of charge to all registered participants. Preachers never pick up the tab. Thanks to Darren Hefty and Brian Hefty for their fine informative presentations. You make a difference to all who listen.

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  1. This is great - my hubs is one of their biggest "fans" - he wears their "Weed of the Week" shirt that he got for Christmas all the time! He will be jealous!