Friday, February 11, 2011

Yes, We Need Four Wheel Drive

This is not the coldest winter on record. That was in 1936 when Great Aunt Iris tells me it was below zero Fahrenheit both day and night for about six weeks straight. 
And this is not the snowiest winter either, though our ditches are full and the piles are high.
But this is a winter that causes us to stop and think before we drive away from the safety of our yards.
We check our pocket for a cell phone 
and check our gas tanks to be sure they are at least half full, even on a short trip.
We tell one another where we are going and what routes we plan to drive.
And we use our four wheel drive.
Because this is the road we travel in GriggsDakota.

1 comment:

  1. We must be on the wave length in how we are dealing with winter Mom! I posted photos of the snow along my drive the other day. Yes we need 4 wheel drive. Agree. Love ya.