Thursday, January 27, 2011

September Farmer Fred Award-Hunter's First Hunt

The September posts have been evaluated and the Farmer Fred Awards for 2010 have been chosen. Remember, awards are serious business and you are the critic. Leave a comment if you wish. 
Everyone encounters a few fences. In GriggsDakota they are traditional and part of our daily life.
The September Farmer Fred Award Runner Up goes to:
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Although hunting is not understood or appreceiated in some places, it is a beloved activity in GriggsDakota. Teaching young people gun safety and hunting etiquette is an important part of living here. 
The September 2010 Farmer Fred Award is presented to:
Hunter's First Hunt originally published on September 27, 2010.

GriggsDakota is a fine place to farm and ranch.
It has wide open spaces.
There are geese in the air
and on the ground.
The whitetail deer are so plentiful
That we see them every day.
We also have wild turkeys and an assortment of other games birds and wild creatures.
And so, we hunt, for food, for fun, to keep varmints at bay, because we can.
It's a favorite activity of fathers and sons or, rather, parents and children. We all hunt.
A successful hunter takes out a coyote that was lurking near our calves.
In GriggsDakota, young hunters are trained from an early age and spend many hunting seasons without a gun walking miles to help those lucky licensed hunters. The state then requires that each take a course in Hunter Safety, after which they are certified and can become licensed to hunt. The first deer license issued to a young hunter is a once in a lifetime event. There are a couple weeks in September when the first time hunters are the only ones allowed to bag a deer. The hunting becomes centered around the young deer hunter.
He is given the prime hunting spot, carefully supervised, and success is celebrated.
After all, everyone knows that he'll never forget his first time.