Monday, January 31, 2011

November Farmer Fred Award-Help for Old Red

We are nearly done presenting the Farmer Fred Awards for 2010 and the buzz has been sensational. There can be only one winner for each month and, of course, one runner up in case something should happen to the winner. (You know, just like Miss America, it is a very important position.) Feel free to leave a comment. The blog needs critics and reader input.

The Farmer Fred Award Runner Up for November is:
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In a farmer's life there is the constant push to improve and upgrade the farming operation. It is a memorable experience when Farmer Fred can make a decision, buy a piece of needed equipment, and put it into use.
The Farmer Fred Award for November 2010 is presented to 
Help for Old Red originally published on November 4, 2010.

Old Red is in revolt. Unless we get him some help, he is done for the season. Farmer Fred was alarmed. It's true, we have Friends with Trucks.  But Old Red has drawn a line in the mud and will not listen to any more excuses.
His coworkers have been very unreliable this season and Old Red has had enough.
So Farmer Fred went on a journey into GreaterDakota.
Where he found some friends with what he needed.
Like this Onyx and Sterling beauty.
They also have a beautiful dog with a ball in his mouth who likes to play fetch with strangers.
It didn't take Farmer Fred long to decide, the onyx and sterling truck was just what we need.
So, Farmer Fred drove Sterling Onyx to his new home.
The tired old trucks in GriggsDakota began to cheer as Sterling Onyx pulled into the line. 
Sterling Onyx appears to be a pleaser and jumped in to haul home a load.
He seemed at ease with the other equipment and full of energy.
He is equipped with a shiny new hoist. 
And push button hoist controls at the back of the truck. 
 Which make the truck driver's job much easier.
Old Red is ready to move forward with our custom combining job now. We will all work together and do our best in GriggsDakota.

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