Friday, January 21, 2011

June Farmer Fred Award-Robbie Planting Pinto Beans

The June Farmer Fred Award runner up is 
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The 2010 Farmer Fred Award for June is Presented to: 
Robbie Planting Pinto Beans originally published June 9, 2010.

We are in our final days of planting and we again find Robbie commanding the planter. This time he is putting pinto beans into the ground. Pinto beans will be the last crop we seed in GriggsDakota this season.
One marker up and the other down, he travels up and down the field.
He is guided by the furrow left by the marker as he travels through each pass with the planter.
This ensures that the field will be evenly planted without skips or double seeded areas. Straight even rows are important as the season progresses. 
With the short growing season in GriggsDakota, we need to finish planting by the end of the week. We had rain yesterday afternoon which stopped our field work. More rain is in the forecast as the week progresses. We will keep pushing when we can and see what we can accomplish.
Today we are celebrating Robbie who nearly bled to death in a GriggsDakota field ten years ago today. His life was miraculously spared as hundreds of our friends and family prayed it could be. We will forever be humbled and grateful for God's grace in our lives. I would like Robbie to know that he should not scare us like that again. Our hearts are too old now and he grows more precious to us every day.
 Be careful out there.

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