Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is the Winter Wheat in Trouble?

We have a snowy winter going on in GriggsDakota. So why are we concerned about the winter wheat? The experts say that we need a minimum of three inches of snow cover for the fall planted wheat to survive. Four to six inches of snow is a safer environment for the established root system of the wheat plants in the extreme cold of a GriggsDakota winter. To learn more visit Winter Wheat Production in North Dakota by clicking the link.
Although much of our snow fell without wind and left several inches of snow evenly distributed over the fields, eventually the wind came up.
The serenity of wise old December has given up
In the wild impetuous winds of January that have blown the snow into rock hard drifts that are wavelike on the ground. 
The wind has left us with bare hilltops 
and open spots in the fields.
Next week is forecast to begin a brutally cold spell that may last for weeks. Will our crop make it through until Spring?
Only April knows the answer and she is not telling the secret until her time.

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