Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Information Can Help Stop Fretting

There is nothing less productive than fretting about something over which you have little or no control.
Like teenagers, (then and now).
 And the weather.
 With teenagers, its good to know where they spend their time.
And help them to create great family memories. 
With the weather it is good to know what is transpiring and expected in the coming days. 
That way you only have to run for shelter when a real storm is forecast.
We can live with a clearer understanding of what is happening on our land. 
 A website that gives us insight into weather in general and soil temperatures in particular, is maintained by North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network. 
It is associated with North Dakota State University and goes by the acronym NDAWN . You can visit the site by clicking on the acronym. 
The website tells us that the soil temperatures are well above zero degrees fahrenheit in our area. With snow cover increasing every day, our winter wheat ground should stay in the safe, above zero range through the winter.
Information helps reduce fretting as we prepare to run down the road into another season on the farm in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Mom, your writing inspires me. " we prepare to run down the road into another season on the farm..." Fantastic.