Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GriggsDakota 2011

 The New Year began in a bluster and then turned cold.
Some winters turn cold and are less snowy. So far this winter has been snowy. 
Some winters are full of snow, but not as cold. So far this year is cold. 
When January begins with bluster, eventually the snow in the blow lands on the ground.
The shelter belt has been doing a great job of holding the snow, but of course it can't handle it all.
We expect this snow to be with us for a few months and so we spend time scraping it into neat piles 
that are out of our way. When moving snow into piles we have to consider where the water will flow when it melts. It is worth the time it takes to pile it away from our buildings and yard.
Sheyenne watched from her shed which protects her from the biting wind. 
During the holidays we happily watched as visiting family members took turns in the tractor cab.
 The tractor slowly scrapes the snow with the rear mounted blade on our Case IH 8950.
Butler decided to stand in the path and see if the tractor would stop. 
Maybe not such a good idea. 
 The snow moving continues through the afternoon. 
The Farm Inspector knows that if you dress for the weather, the outdoors are a great place to work and play in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Butler cracks me up. haha What a goof.
    Oh, and can anything be cuter than a kid in their colorful, ballooning snowsuit and mittens? Nothing comes to mind!