Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A girl's got to do...

Attention:  We interrupt The Farmer Fred Awards for the important information compiled by our very own contributer, Power On Kirsti. The awarding of the prestigious Farmer Fred Awards will resume tomorrow. And now for a report from the Farm Bureau Convention for young farmers and ranchers.

A girl's got to do...what a girl's got to do.
Howdy, it's me Farmhand Power On Kirsti, blogging from my home in greater Dakota.

I enjoyed a girls weekend with my favorite Pinke girls recently.No, it wasn't a quick trip to Vegas full of short skirts and long legs. And no, we didn't get dolled up for a big show on a big stage in a nearby big city. And, I assure you, we didn't travel to a quaint country cottage bed and breakfast to enjoy robust tea and delicate butter cookies on vintage china.
Instead, we rendezvoused in our state's notorious cow-town, Mandan, for the 
2011 Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Conference.
We gathered with 190 other young agricultural enthusiasts for a weekend featuring three of our favorite topics: farming, food, and our future.

I felt right at home when greeted with signs from businesses from my own Dakota town. The little girls felt at home when they found the conference's day-care room during the day and indoor water park in the evening.

AdFarm and the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives were both among the sponsors. 

AdFarm donated the use of three laptops so communicators could update their Facebook and Twitter statuses with news from the conference.
I spent Saturday morning in break-out sessions that spoke on ways to maintain emotional health...

...and information on farm succession planning with University of Nebraska's Dr. Ron Hanson.
While I was listening to group presentations, Communicator Katie was busy interviewing professionals, researching topics, and memorizing facts in preparation for the 
Young Farmers and Ranchers Challenge. 
According to the North Dakota Farm Bureau website: "The contestants are judged on a 15-minute issues-discussion and a 5-minute videotaped interview designed to simulate a television interview. The Y-F-and-R Challenge competition, open to farmers and ranchers between the ages of 18 and 35, was designed to simulate a committee meeting in which individuals discuss issues and surface solutions to those issues and to be able to speak comfortably with the media regarding issues related to farming and ranching."

If you know Communicator Katie, this sort of contest is right up her alley. I was excited to watch her shine.

Two rounds of discussions with two different groups of contestants preceded 
the filmed interview.

 Katie performed well and earned one of four spots to compete in the final round of discussion at the ND Farm Bureau State Meeting in November. The winner earns a trip to the 2012 National Meeting in Hawaii. 
And since our latest girls weekend was such a smashing success, I'm sure she'll want to take me along to the national meeting, should she win. 
Right Katie??? Right?!!?
Here's hoping. :)

and now a word from Farmer Fred:

Congratulations Katie! Everyone here in GriggsDakota is proud of our girls.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely blog post! The future of North Dakota agriculture definitely has a couple of generations of GriggsDakota ladies in it. The conference wouldn't have been the same with out Kirsti or the girls with me. I love the discussion meet format and will need all of your help to prepare for November. I'll be competing against the husband of the 2010 national champion! Talking food and farming is a passion of mine. Thanks for instilling that in me Mom and Dad (despite my best efforts as a young adult to run from North Dakota and agriculture.) I am truly blessed to be part of it all today.