Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Farm Inspector Snowmobiles

It took awhile, but eventually the Farm Inspector and her assistants were ready to snowmobile.
She was very excited and toasty warm in her winter gear that included a scarf with tractors on it.
 The Farm Inspector is noted for her fondness for adventure.
So she sent her younger assistant back to the sidelines.
She and Daddy are a snowmobiling team, except she didn't have her helmet along. 
Although her bike helmet was in the closet, she couldn't convince anyone to go and get it for her. 
 So The Farm Inspector went to the sidelines while Daddy and Mommy went for a ride. 
She didn't get to go as fast
or as far as she would have liked.
 But she did get to zoom around a little
with her favorite assistant, Daddy.
The Farm Inspector left a nice trail to the sun 
Which is giving us a few more minutes of daylight every day in GriggsDakota.

Thanks to Katie for taking the best of the photos used in this post.


  1. Mom, when I showed the Farm Inspector this post earlier today she said "oh there I am on my blog". She loved it and is still concerned about her bike helmet!

  2. Joe- I like these pictures very good post!!!