Monday, January 3, 2011

Extra Credit on New Year's Eve

There was a new cook in the GriggsDakota kitchen on New Year's Eve.
 He was cooking up Mexican Hot Chocolate from the assigned recipe for everyone who had gathered 
to celebrate at the farm. By preparing this recipe he would earn extra credit in his Spanish Class.
He multiplied the recipe and poured a gallon of milk into the kettle. Then added the other ingredients, turned on the heat and began to stir.
He stirred and stirred until he nearly wore himself out 
So we let him sit on the stool, as long as he kept on stirring. 
Which he did.
While we made a couple of batches of homemade ice cream.
The Hot Chocolate was served with Sundaes made with our ice cream. 
We think this cook earned an A+!


  1. Good Job Logan! Got to love extra credit assignments like that!

  2. The Mexican Hot Chocolate was so YUMMY. I'm definitely borrowing this recipe. Great job Logan!