Tuesday, January 25, 2011

August Farmer Fred Award-Now It's Wheat

The Farmer Fred Award Runner up for August is:
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The runner up is silliness and fun, but the August award winner is what we work for all year long. Serious effort and emotion go into the growing of crops in GriggsDakota. Wheat, the traditional crop of the plains is connected to the very beginning days of this farm and we expect it to be the bread of our existence in the future. Our hearts are in the wheat fields.

The August Farmer Fred Award is presented to:
Now It's Wheat originally published on August 4, 2010.

Today was a glorious day.
The sample told us it was time to harvest wheat. The wheat is dry enough to be hauled from the field into the elevator.
And so we did. We started about noon. It was a perfect combining day.
This was a day that Farmer Fred will never forget.
Last year I told you about our Friends with Trucks.
This year our friends brought trucks
and combines. Farmer Scott and his crew came over and went to work.
I baked a couple of big pans of rhubarb bars
And fed the operators of seven combines, eight trucks and three grain carts. All together there were about 18 people involved in our wheat harvest today. It felt like a threshing crew. I hope all our grandparents were watching from heaven's window.
Grandpa Sonny drove the  1682
behind Joseph who swathed just ahead of him.
There was a pretty blue tractor pulling a full grain cart over to the parked trucks.
Before long the elevator filled up and we had to dump into bins.
Farmer Fred consults with Cheryl about her favorite machine.
While her husband, Todd, sets her combine, Cheryl gets a radio from Farmer Fred and learns how to keep in touch in GriggsDakota.
Acres of wheat were coming off faster than ever before.
Today was made up of sweat and smiles, family and friends with trucks and combines.
 Now we have wheat.


  1. Made me long for summer, Jane K!! I can smell the grain dust as I read and looked at the pictures!!

    Love- R and boys