Thursday, January 13, 2011

Announcing The Farmer Fred Awards - 2010

There is a new and coveted award on the horizon in GriggsDakota. Of course, it is terribly exclusive and almost impossible to receive. 
Farmer Fred has gone through the 2010 GriggDakota posts and chosen his favorite from each month. He analyzed carefuly.
 He consulted with experts. 
Including the Farm Inspector. 
Then he made his decisions. So for the next 12 days we will be awarding the coveted Farmer Fred Awards. The prize is the reposting of each winner on the day it is announced. There will be a runner-up awarded which you will be able to click on and read, if you choose.  If you agree or disagree with Farmer Fred's selection, please feel free to comment. You can announce your own favorites. Anyone is welcome to serve as a critic and write a review in the comment section. I hope you enjoy the next twelve postings as GriggsDakota  hosts  
The Farmer Fred Awards for 2010.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so excited! I sure hope the one post I wrote for 2010 is in there. *cough* Joe using the grain vac *cough* :)