Monday, January 10, 2011

AdFarm Corn has Left the Farm

The snow plow is a welcome sight. As you can see in this photo, the roadside ditches are nearly full of snow. The snow drifts onto the road when the wind blows. 
When conditions allow, we are hauling corn, including the AdFarm crop. 
Notice to all 2010 AdFarm shareholders:  Your grain has left the farm and the marketing committee is conferring on strategy for selling the final bushels of your crop. Good news will follow soon.
 Note the perimeter of snow piles around the loading area by the bins. Winter continues to pile it on in GriggsDakota.

Wild turkeys were hanging out around the shed. The door is not always open in the winter and  the turkey second from the right is peering inside. 
They spotted me and put their heads down as they began to exit, stage right. 
Then, a member of their flock emerged from the shed. Turkeys are bold and messy, but there are not very many of them. We enjoy watching them as long as they stay out of the garden and off the roof of the house. 

 I noticed the icicle forming on our old combine used for parts. Old machinery looks whimsical when covered with pretty  white snow. This thing will never look better than it does today.

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