Monday, January 31, 2011

November Farmer Fred Award-Help for Old Red

We are nearly done presenting the Farmer Fred Awards for 2010 and the buzz has been sensational. There can be only one winner for each month and, of course, one runner up in case something should happen to the winner. (You know, just like Miss America, it is a very important position.) Feel free to leave a comment. The blog needs critics and reader input.

The Farmer Fred Award Runner Up for November is:
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In a farmer's life there is the constant push to improve and upgrade the farming operation. It is a memorable experience when Farmer Fred can make a decision, buy a piece of needed equipment, and put it into use.
The Farmer Fred Award for November 2010 is presented to 
Help for Old Red originally published on November 4, 2010.

Old Red is in revolt. Unless we get him some help, he is done for the season. Farmer Fred was alarmed. It's true, we have Friends with Trucks.  But Old Red has drawn a line in the mud and will not listen to any more excuses.
His coworkers have been very unreliable this season and Old Red has had enough.
So Farmer Fred went on a journey into GreaterDakota.
Where he found some friends with what he needed.
Like this Onyx and Sterling beauty.
They also have a beautiful dog with a ball in his mouth who likes to play fetch with strangers.
It didn't take Farmer Fred long to decide, the onyx and sterling truck was just what we need.
So, Farmer Fred drove Sterling Onyx to his new home.
The tired old trucks in GriggsDakota began to cheer as Sterling Onyx pulled into the line. 
Sterling Onyx appears to be a pleaser and jumped in to haul home a load.
He seemed at ease with the other equipment and full of energy.
He is equipped with a shiny new hoist. 
And push button hoist controls at the back of the truck. 
 Which make the truck driver's job much easier.
Old Red is ready to move forward with our custom combining job now. We will all work together and do our best in GriggsDakota.

Friday, January 28, 2011

October Farmer Fred Award-How To: Disposable Treat Bags

The October Farmer Fred Award Runner Up is:
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The GriggsDakota blog was originally started by FarmHand Kirsti in the Spring of 2009. The original purpose was to provide information to employees of AdFarm about farming practices and seasonal progress on 80 crop acres that AdFarm employees buy shares on to expand their understanding of farming. This original purpose is ever near and dear to our hearts. We do frequent updates through the season and hope many AdFarmers have learned a thing or two over the years. Farmer Fred and the gang appreciate the AdFarmers and we were happy to report a good harvest on your acres in 2010.

Witches bring smiles and dressing up as goblins brings children delight. Halloween is possibly the most exciting day of the year for children as all the celebration is packed into the hours from dark to bedtime. It's always a favorite holiday in GriggsDakota, especially is the harvest is complete.

The October Farmer Fred Award is presented to:
How To: Disposable Treat Bags originally published on October 29, 2010.

 There have been witches hanging around GriggsDakota.
Above is our favorite Halloween treat. A disposable glove stuffed with candy. They are simple to make. Here I have pushed a sucker into each glove finger. Filling each finger gives the hand personality. Use anything that fits easily into them and would make a good treat. Today I filled the palm with candies, but a juice box fits here, as well. Close it with a rubber band or ribbon. We have made hundreds of these over the years. 
Tomorrow is Field Man Joe's Birthday. His friends still remember this treat that we made every year to celebrate his special day with a Halloween theme.    
 There will soon be vampires and perhaps a Ninja turtle joining the witches in the area.
 I expect to see a few ghosts from the seventies on the prowl.
Be vigilant. Sometimes the monsters are too excited to be careful. 
Happy Halloween from the scary folks at GriggsDakota.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

September Farmer Fred Award-Hunter's First Hunt

The September posts have been evaluated and the Farmer Fred Awards for 2010 have been chosen. Remember, awards are serious business and you are the critic. Leave a comment if you wish. 
Everyone encounters a few fences. In GriggsDakota they are traditional and part of our daily life.
The September Farmer Fred Award Runner Up goes to:
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Although hunting is not understood or appreceiated in some places, it is a beloved activity in GriggsDakota. Teaching young people gun safety and hunting etiquette is an important part of living here. 
The September 2010 Farmer Fred Award is presented to:
Hunter's First Hunt originally published on September 27, 2010.

GriggsDakota is a fine place to farm and ranch.
It has wide open spaces.
There are geese in the air
and on the ground.
The whitetail deer are so plentiful
That we see them every day.
We also have wild turkeys and an assortment of other games birds and wild creatures.
And so, we hunt, for food, for fun, to keep varmints at bay, because we can.
It's a favorite activity of fathers and sons or, rather, parents and children. We all hunt.
A successful hunter takes out a coyote that was lurking near our calves.
In GriggsDakota, young hunters are trained from an early age and spend many hunting seasons without a gun walking miles to help those lucky licensed hunters. The state then requires that each take a course in Hunter Safety, after which they are certified and can become licensed to hunt. The first deer license issued to a young hunter is a once in a lifetime event. There are a couple weeks in September when the first time hunters are the only ones allowed to bag a deer. The hunting becomes centered around the young deer hunter.
He is given the prime hunting spot, carefully supervised, and success is celebrated.
After all, everyone knows that he'll never forget his first time.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A girl's got to do...

Attention:  We interrupt The Farmer Fred Awards for the important information compiled by our very own contributer, Power On Kirsti. The awarding of the prestigious Farmer Fred Awards will resume tomorrow. And now for a report from the Farm Bureau Convention for young farmers and ranchers.

A girl's got to do...what a girl's got to do.
Howdy, it's me Farmhand Power On Kirsti, blogging from my home in greater Dakota.

I enjoyed a girls weekend with my favorite Pinke girls recently.No, it wasn't a quick trip to Vegas full of short skirts and long legs. And no, we didn't get dolled up for a big show on a big stage in a nearby big city. And, I assure you, we didn't travel to a quaint country cottage bed and breakfast to enjoy robust tea and delicate butter cookies on vintage china.
Instead, we rendezvoused in our state's notorious cow-town, Mandan, for the 
2011 Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Conference.
We gathered with 190 other young agricultural enthusiasts for a weekend featuring three of our favorite topics: farming, food, and our future.

I felt right at home when greeted with signs from businesses from my own Dakota town. The little girls felt at home when they found the conference's day-care room during the day and indoor water park in the evening.

AdFarm and the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives were both among the sponsors. 

AdFarm donated the use of three laptops so communicators could update their Facebook and Twitter statuses with news from the conference.
I spent Saturday morning in break-out sessions that spoke on ways to maintain emotional health...

...and information on farm succession planning with University of Nebraska's Dr. Ron Hanson.
While I was listening to group presentations, Communicator Katie was busy interviewing professionals, researching topics, and memorizing facts in preparation for the 
Young Farmers and Ranchers Challenge. 
According to the North Dakota Farm Bureau website: "The contestants are judged on a 15-minute issues-discussion and a 5-minute videotaped interview designed to simulate a television interview. The Y-F-and-R Challenge competition, open to farmers and ranchers between the ages of 18 and 35, was designed to simulate a committee meeting in which individuals discuss issues and surface solutions to those issues and to be able to speak comfortably with the media regarding issues related to farming and ranching."

If you know Communicator Katie, this sort of contest is right up her alley. I was excited to watch her shine.

Two rounds of discussions with two different groups of contestants preceded 
the filmed interview.

 Katie performed well and earned one of four spots to compete in the final round of discussion at the ND Farm Bureau State Meeting in November. The winner earns a trip to the 2012 National Meeting in Hawaii. 
And since our latest girls weekend was such a smashing success, I'm sure she'll want to take me along to the national meeting, should she win. 
Right Katie??? Right?!!?
Here's hoping. :)

and now a word from Farmer Fred:

Congratulations Katie! Everyone here in GriggsDakota is proud of our girls.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

August Farmer Fred Award-Now It's Wheat

The Farmer Fred Award Runner up for August is:
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The runner up is silliness and fun, but the August award winner is what we work for all year long. Serious effort and emotion go into the growing of crops in GriggsDakota. Wheat, the traditional crop of the plains is connected to the very beginning days of this farm and we expect it to be the bread of our existence in the future. Our hearts are in the wheat fields.

The August Farmer Fred Award is presented to:
Now It's Wheat originally published on August 4, 2010.

Today was a glorious day.
The sample told us it was time to harvest wheat. The wheat is dry enough to be hauled from the field into the elevator.
And so we did. We started about noon. It was a perfect combining day.
This was a day that Farmer Fred will never forget.
Last year I told you about our Friends with Trucks.
This year our friends brought trucks
and combines. Farmer Scott and his crew came over and went to work.
I baked a couple of big pans of rhubarb bars
And fed the operators of seven combines, eight trucks and three grain carts. All together there were about 18 people involved in our wheat harvest today. It felt like a threshing crew. I hope all our grandparents were watching from heaven's window.
Grandpa Sonny drove the  1682
behind Joseph who swathed just ahead of him.
There was a pretty blue tractor pulling a full grain cart over to the parked trucks.
Before long the elevator filled up and we had to dump into bins.
Farmer Fred consults with Cheryl about her favorite machine.
While her husband, Todd, sets her combine, Cheryl gets a radio from Farmer Fred and learns how to keep in touch in GriggsDakota.
Acres of wheat were coming off faster than ever before.
Today was made up of sweat and smiles, family and friends with trucks and combines.
 Now we have wheat.