Thursday, December 30, 2010

Watch Time Fly Under the Sky in 2010

Another year is ending.
The New Year began with Winter snow and cold. 
The geese could not wait for warm Spring weather and returned as soon as there was a tiny bit of open water.
The sun rose and warmed the land.
We planted trees 
And crops 
That flourished as the days flew by. 
 Farmer Fred checked the fields.
We waited and prayed.
We gained a son, but did not lose a daughter.
The children grew faster than the weeds. 
 We basked in the days of Summer
While we prepared for harvest. 
The crops ripened.
Fall brought a bountiful harvest.
 We worked long hours
And the geese began to migrate.
The cold Winter is with us once again 
As we say farewell to 2010 under the sky. 


  1. This is beautiful. Excellent work Mom!

  2. Jane & Fred,
    We just opened your Christmas card yesterday as we were out of town for Christmas...OH MY WORD...your family photo is STUNNING!

    What are the odds of 11 people looking fabulous in a family photo? The Lukens win for "Family photo of the year". Just thought I'd give you that award since I know how competitive Fred is...and you ALL are truely WINNERS!

    Great idea to include your ULR so that we can enjoy your comments and photos from afar.

    Happy New Year,
    Don & Cathy