Friday, December 31, 2010

Let Us Continue

'In the Fall of 1999, when we were about to enter a new century, there was panic. Some people in nearly every walk of life were worried about something. Computers were predicted to fail. Chaos was sure to follow. Everything would surely change. Anyone who was happy and doing well would fall into a life of deprivation. The frail would not survive. Many people began to hoard food and supplies. Even in our area, where everyone seems very sensible, there were those with a basement full of canned food and bottled water, just in case. 
Just in case of exactly what, was never clear to me. There were vague predictions of system failures. This would lead to widespread contamination and starvation. No one wanted to do without. To many, the stockpiling seemed prudent.  
In GriggsDakota we didn't hoard food intentionally. The nature of our business means that there is food around here all the time.
Although it would take some work to put it on the menu, I imagined it could be done if worse came to worst. 
After all, that is how the pioneers survived, with next to nothing. They managed to live long productive lives. 
Perhaps the general fear in 1999 came from the thought of chaos. Who would decide who was fed and who would starve? It's an overwhelming question.
The new century dawned with barely a blip on a computer screen. Although news reporters were stationed worldwide as the stroke of midnight circled the globe, there was little trouble to report. 
The panic subsided and life began to seem normal in 2000. That was years ago. Today I have practiced saying "Twenty-eleven." 
The experience of the dawn of a new century had a lasting effect on me. Food and farming seemed more important than ever before. We produce food, so people can eat. More food, more people eat. Enough food, everybody eats. Although there are many things that I cannot control, farming in GriggsDakota is something that I understand.
 People need daily nutrition or face starvation.
 Producing affordable food is the solution.
 Let us continue.
 Happy New Year.

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  1. Happy new year, you too.

    I like your thoughtful posts.