Monday, December 20, 2010

Lefse, Of Course

Family traditions run strong in GriggsDakota. We fill the Santa Claus mug with strong black coffee.
And listen Christmas music in the background when we get together to make lefse, our favorite Christmas treat. 
Lefse is a tradition from every branch of the Norwegian side of our family. It looks like a tortilla, but the main ingredient is boiled potatoes that have been run through a ricer. This tool allows the potatoes to be crushed into fine meal. They mix with flour, butter, cream sugar, and salt to make the dough.
After careful measuring,the dough is stirred with a mixing fork
By Grandma who knows how the dough should feel. 
When she forms it into a long cylinder and cuts it into portions.
Each portion will be made into a round of lefse.
We use a pastry board,  covered with a pastry cloth, and sprinkled with flour to gently roll the lefse into a circle.
The specialty rolling pin has circular grooves etched into it which gives the surface of the lefse texture.
 When the circle is the right size it is moved 
by running a special lefse stick under the round
and frying it on a dry hot griddle
 By an expert
and an intern.
 We slather on more butter, then some will sprinkle it with sugar or cinnamon-sugar that is specially blended for that purpose. When the lefse is ready, it is Christmas in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Oh yeah!! I can smell and taste it! Love that you make it a family affair!!

    R and boys