Friday, December 10, 2010

How to: Pink Peppermint Cupcake Bath Bombs that Fizz! Finale

The final post on Bath Ball, Bombs, Cupcakes, Cookies and Tarts. There are a total of four posts on this important subject. Go back to read more about making these in the previous three posts.
Ho-ho-ho! The Farm Inspector likes Fizzy Bath Balls. Pink is her favorite color. She loves the scent of peppermint. She loves cupcakes. Let's put them all together.
I followed Recipe Two but added 1/2 cup cornstarch which made the mixture smoother and seemed to help it stick together. I used between 10 and 15 drops of peppermint oil, and pink food coloring.
It foams very well.
This recipe uses Witch Hazel to moisten the mixture and hold it together. This liquid dries quickly. The recipe recommends using a spray bottle.It works so well that I used a spray bottle for adding water to other recipes. It applies moisture lightly and evenly which keep the foaming action from starting. I measured a spray from the bottle so that I could keep track of how much liquid I was adding.
To whip up a quick batch from your kitchen, use Recipe One. I substituted canola oil and used Fruit Fresh from the grocery store with fine results.
Recipe Three is elegant and soft. The cocoa butter may leave a ring in the bathtub, but the amount in each piece is minimal, so it may not be a problem.
 I pressed the pink peppermint Bath Cupcake Mixture into a pan and pressed the top with a tart pan. I tried using a cookie press on the top, but it wasn't visible. When I was going to get the water colors to see if I could paint a design on the top, I stopped myself. I am not going into the bath bomb business. These are for the Farm Inspector. However, if I were going to try to sell bath cupcakes, I would decorate them or tie a ribbon around them.
 After they dried, I placed each bath treat into a zip lock snack or sandwich bag, but you could get as fancy as you please with the packaging as long as it is air tight.
I am full of ideas for future batches of bath treats. Hiding a toy or note inside would be fun. What about making Fizzy Fortune Cookies and putting a waterproof fortune inside of each one? Silicon baking pans would work better for cupcakes than my pans. Could I hide a foaming bath bomb tablet inside a bath toy and have it "explode" as it hits the water? The future looks foaming, fizzing, and fun.
For now, the Farm Inspector and her BFF will appreciate these just as they are. Fresh and delightful in the bath tub.


  1. Those are so cool! I'm going to have to do those for the girls!!

  2. So excited to make these. I have never bought them for my kids. Since Katie's kids love them, I am sure mine will too.